Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy has a wide range of benefits for both emotional and physical well-being as it plays a large role in dramatically decreasing stress levels.

Researchers have found that close to 90% of diseases are stress-related. In one study, researchers found that cortisol levels decreased by about 30%, and both serotonin and dopamine levels increased by about 30% following massage therapy treatments. (Cortisol is a hormone responsible for the “fight or flight” response and plays a large role in the stress response. Serotonin and dopamine are “feel good” chemicals released into the brain.)

As a result, massage therapy can help tremendously in reducing anxiety and depression and promoting a positive outlook on life. Massage has such enormous benefits that the medical community increasingly embraces massage therapy and recognizes it as an important modality in maintaining overall health.

Among the physical benefits of massage, there are many! Massage can improve immunity by stimulating lymph flow, an important aspect of the body’s defense system. Massage increases joint flexibility while also exercising and stretching weak, tight and atrophied muscles. It can reduce low back pain, spasms and cramping. Massage has been found to lessen menstrual cramping in women who suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome and assists with shorter and easier labor for expectant mothers. Massage also promotes tissue regeneration, thereby improving the quality of the biggest organ of the body – the skin!

Massage therapy acts cumulatively and so, the more massage you receive, the more comprehensive and far-reaching are its effects.

Overall, massage therapy is a gentle yet powerful ally in the health and well-being of the body and mind and can be done on a person of any age, from infant to elder!

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